Regular blog updates?

It has been brought to my attention that I have lots of opinions (surprise surprise hahaha) and that maybe I should start using this blog to discuss aspects of my work I feel strongly about.

I would love to share some information or opinions about aspects of the tattoo industry, about painting techniques, and about interpersonal skills I consider important (specifically while working as an artist).

Would you be interested? Is there a topic you'd like me to talk about? Let me know via my contact page! 

<3 Cas

Welcome to my new Web home!

Finally I've taken the time to update my site with lots of useful info and a snazzy new look.

Check out the new F.A.Q. and Aftercare pages! Take a gander at this fancy fancy new bloggy thing where I'll update you on guest spots and conventions! As always, please let me know if you've found any missing info or editing errors (and you can use my new contact page).

Thanks for stopping by <3