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Where are you located? What days do you work?

Take a look at the contact page for that info.

How much do you charge? "What will this cost?"

I work at an hourly rate of $175 with a fixed minimum charge of $90. This rate is non-negotiable. Some work estimated at less than an hour may be priced per piece at my discretion.

How do consults and deposits work?

An in-person consult is standard before moving forward.

  • Email me to schedule a consult.
  • I also have pinterest account if you'd like to send me additional images in the form of a board (as an addition to, not a replacement of, printed images).

There is no charge for the consult. They are scheduled for 30 minutes maximum each.

Deposits are required to schedule a tattoo appointment. They are non-refundable, no exceptions. The amount is based on the length of the appointment ($50 per hour).

Deposits come off the final charge or last session of your completed tattoo but are forfeit and must be replaced in order to continue work if you:

  • are more than 15 minutes late
  • don't arrive at your appointment
  • don't give 48 hours notice to reschedule
  • don't elect to schedule your next appointment
  • reschedule repeatedly consecutively
  • decide to change the design we agreed to, which is discussed at the consult, either in part or in whole.
  • your actions, in an other way, prevent us from completing the work we have planned

Can I see my drawing before the appointment? Will you email it to me?

  • I do not send drawings nor do "drawing reviews", no exceptions. If you've viewed my portfolio, trust me as an artist, and gave me the info I need at the consult there is no need to "check" the drawing.
  • Very minor tweaks may be made to the drawing the day of your appointment if they are needed. Major changes, redraws, or any other change that takes significant time will require a reschedule and a new deposit to be placed.

Do you tattoo anyone under 18 with a parent's consent?

Absolutely not under any circumstances. There are no exceptions. You must be 18 or older with valid government issued identification.

How do I make an appointment?

Please email me using the contact page. I currently schedule three months out maximum.

Can I make an appointment, consult with you, or communicate with you via skype, phone, or social media?

No. I only conduct business via email and only consult in person. For out of state clients I will consider discussing designs over email on a piece by piece basis. Please visit my contact page to send me a message.

What is your wait time?

Between 1 to 8 weeks depending on the flexibility of your schedule. Saturdays book out first and farthest.

Do you take walk-ins?

I'm usually booked so it is best to make an appointment but feel free to call the shop or stop by to find out if I'm free.
Last minute openings will usually be announced on Instagram.

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

No. Only the client will be allowed in the work area.

I reccomend that your ride, friends, family, etc. research other establishments in the area where they can comfortably wait for you.
The waiting area in tattoo shops are generally small and needed by clients.

Can I bring my child/niece/nephew/ under 18 friend or family member?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. You must find other arrangements for your children.

What if I need to reschedule?

  • Email me directly as soon as possible. 48 hours is required to retain your deposit.
  • If an emergency arises that causes me to reschedule you (illness, etc.) I will email you as soon as I know and make every effort to find you a new appointment time as soon as possible.

Do you tattoo minors (under 18)?

  • I do not. Even with parent permission and a good argument. I don't feel comfortable doing so.

Do you do _________ tattoos?

  • Cosmetic tattoos? Genitals? White ink? - NO
  • Temporary or Fake tattoos? Earlobe or Ear Cartilage? - NO
  • Inner Lip or Tongue? Rings, or Ring Fingers? - NO
  • Bottom or sides of the foot? Micro Tattoos? - NO
  • Face Tattoos? Hand Tattoos? - NO
  • Most of these tattoos do not heal or last well, others are outside of my purview. I will not do work that is likely to age poorly due to any reason.

Do you do tattoo parties?

Absolutely not. Please don't ask.

Why do you have so many rules?

To ensure the experience of the client and artist is as enjoyable, constructive, and uncomplicated as possible. In other words, so I can give you the best tattoo I can.

If you can not or will not respect my policies and boundaries then I recommend researching another artist to work with. Another artist's way of conducting business may be better suited to the experience you're looking for.

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-Please don't-

  • Be sunburned (or have other skin damage), drunk, high, or pregnant at the time of your tattoo.

  • Sing. It makes me want to die from embarrassment. (uncontrollably exploding into song for a couple of lines because "Love Shack" comes on and you love it is, of course, an exception)

  • Message me on social media.

  • Rely on me for conversation/distraction during your tattoo. I am hearing impaired and have an especially hard time hearing certain tenors of voice.

  • Take anything but ibuprofen before your appointment. If I suspect you may be under the influence of anything I will send you away without notice and your deposit is considered forfeit.

  • Bring other people with you to your appointment.


-Please Do-

  • Eat a full meal before your appointment!

  • Wear loose dark clothing that allows access to the area or bring an clean old article of clothing that can be cut up.

  • Be well hydrated! You shouldn't drink alcohol within 24 before your appointment!

  • Tipping, in cash, is appreciated for tattoo artists as we only receive a percentage of what we charge. There is no standard percentage for tips, 15%-50% is most common.

  • Bring headphones or a book or something that doesn't require you to move. 

  • Let me know if you no longer want to work together. It takes a lot of work, and sometimes costs me income, to maintain files for clients who disappear.

Aftercare Instructions:

The final appearance of your new tattoo depends on how well you care for it as it heals.

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After 2-4 hours:

Remove the bandage from your tattoo. Wash it with non-scented, dye free, antibacterial soap & lukewarm water in a clean sink with clean hands. Ink, blood, and other residue is normal to see under your bandage.

  • Very gently pat dry with a clean paper towel then allow to air dry for a few minutes. Apply a very small, pea sized or less, amount of the After Inked you are provided. DO NOT USE NEOSPORIN, ANTIBACTERIAL OINTMENT, OR PETROLEUM JELLY.
  • DO NOT RE-BANDAGE! If your tattoo is still weeping at bed time feel free to wear clean clothing over it. Upon waking, get in the shower & dampen clothing to allow it to naturally separate from your healing tattoo without ripping the scab.

Day 1 - Day 14:

  • Continue to wash once a day with antibacterial soap using clean hands. Use After Inked two or three times a day as needed.
  • During this time you will notice paper thin flaking skin peel away by itself. Heavier scabs may form. DO NOT HELP IT.

Day 5 - Day 14:

  • You may now switch to a recommended lotion if you choose. Feel free to continue using After Inked for the rest of the healing process if you choose. Continue to clean once a day and moisturize as needed to keep the tattoo at the same moisture level as the surrounding skin.
  • RECOMMENDED LOTIONS: Burt's Bees "Honey and Grape seed oil" or "Milk and Honey", Lubriderm, Curel, or any gentle fragrance and dye free moisturizer you have experience with.
  • Too much lotion will trap bacteria and clog pores. Too little will leave your skin dry and sore.

After 7-10 days:

  • The flaking will stop and you will be at the Primary Heal Stage. At this point the layer of skin with the ink has healed, but new skin has not formed over top. The tattooed skin will have a waxy or shiny appearance. Continue to clean and moisturize daily.
  • On average, Within 2-3 Weeks: The epidermis will form and your tattoo should be fully healed.
  • Keeping your tattoo moisturized daily after it is healed will help your tattoo look fresh for longer.
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Do not Pick, Peel, or Scratch your tattoo!

During the first 14 days DO NOT:

  • DO NOT Expose your new tattoo to the sun

  • DO NOT Follow anyone else's instructions

  • DO NOT Expose your new tattoo to a direct or hot shower jet.
  • DO NOT Swim or use a hot tub, sauna, or Jacuzzi.

  • DO NOT Expose your new tattoo to gyms, yoga studios, or other locations containing a high amount of bacteria.

  • DO NOT forget to treat your new tattoo like the open wound it is.

When healed, protect your artwork with a sun lotion of SPF 45 or above.