Hi! I'm Cas.

I'm a tattoo artist with a lifelong love for creating art who has been tattooing since early 2014. I look forward to using my skills to help you bring your design to life.

Let's create something beautiful together.


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Take a look at my gallery of past tattoo work to see if my style and skill-set are right for your project.

Maybe you'll get inspired while you peruse.

I mainly focus on illustrative and whimsical designs depicting flora and fauna. Pet "portraits" are always welcome and encouraged!!! I also enjoy the challenge of cover-ups with open minded clients.

If you are undecided, I have an ample sketchbook of unique designs to pick from.


Explore my gallery of fine art to see what I'm up to after I leave the tattoo studio.

I create mostly highly detailed watercolor and mixed media works. My inspiration is primarily derived from myths, sagas, fairy tales, and other storytelling traditions or forms of symbolism.

I'm currently accepting commissions. Digital or hand painted illustrations for children's books or graphic novels are of especial interest to me.


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