Tattoo Education Resources


There is a ton of misinformation on the internet. The curious minded will find it difficult to do their tattoo research online and not find conflicting statements. Even good sources have opinions that I do not personally agree with. I've collected a few specific videos for you that I feel have good information and may help you understand how I work.

Tattoo pricing explained! How do artists work out their pricing? What is the elusive minimum charge? And whats the difference between piece rate an hourly rate? By: Holly Astral

What should you include when emailing a tattoo artist about a tattoo? Cheat Sheet: tattoo idea, size of the tattoo, placement on the body, whether you'd like it in blackwork or color. By: Holly Astral

Tattooing dark skin and how to make the best choices in design and color. By: Zulu Tattoo

How to design a tattoo to custom fit each individual person's body. By: Zulu Tattoo

Advice on covering scars with tattoos. By: Zulu Tattoo


Alternative Healing Option

(Applicable to Saniderm, Tatu derm, Tegaderm, etc.) If you'd like to heal using one of these products please let me know before we get started and bring some with you for me to apply when we finish your tattoo session.


How to remove Tatu-Derm or any clear, breathable tattoo bandage. By: Chisty Brooker, owner of Damask Tattoo in Seattle, WA.

Description of the tattoo healing process with Saniderm. By: Geary Morrill of Unkindness Art in Richmond, Va


Laser Tattoo Removal


I recommend Zapatat in Arlington, Va. They have extensive information on their site about how laser tattoo removal works, offer flexible pricing, and assure that their lasers can be used on all skin tones without reducing melanin.